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Re: gcc best practices | problems

On Sat, Oct 29, 2005 at 02:22:15AM -0400, -.JavaManiac.- wrote:
> well, my question is about gcc-4.0.

> if i have a package that doesn't compile against gcc-4.0,what are my
> choices??and what is the best ??,Build-Depends on gcc-3.4 or  modify
> the sourcecode to make it clean to gcc-4.0??.

> Im really confused about it,if you can give me some light i will be
> glad.Some added tips are welcome.

If the package doesn't compile with gcc-4.0 because your code needs to be
updated, you should fix your code.  You should only depend on older
compiler versions in the case of a bug in the current version (or in
exceptional cases, such as a kernel or libc needing a particular compiler
version because the package abuses the compiler).

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