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Re: ifupdown-bonding package


On Tue, Oct 18, 2005, Jerome Martin wrote:
> However, I am seeking advice on how to do it / which list to post on /
> which people to contact in order not to mess up with somebody's else's
> work (i.e. vlan package also contain ifupdown hooks, however not
> directly supporting bondX.Y notation in interfaces).

 Documentation on joining the project or helping the project is
 available at:

 I think it should answer your technical questions, and clear up
 anything regarding current procedures.

> Please find below the short README I wrote (no manpage yet ... will make
> one if this is of interest).

 Since I use vlan over bonding and had some trouble myself, I read the
 README as a whole and added comments below.  In general, I think your
 approach is oriented in "let's document how to workaround bugs and make
 it work", while a better approach might be "let's understand and fix
 each bug to let that work flawlessly".

> ifupdown-bonding README
> This is version 0.1 of the package, as of 10/17/2005.
> This package contains hooks for ifupdown in order to add bonding and
> VLAN for bonding syntax to /etc/network/interfaces.

 In general, packages don't hold very small things, especially they
 don't hold a couple of scripts and documentation to enhance another
 package;  instead, you can file a request against the package you
 enhance (in this case it could be "ifupdown" or "vlan") to include your
 documentation and scripts.  Also, package version and latest date is
 already encoded in the changelog of the package, and duplicating it
 means more work.  :)

> [ long list of should and shouldn't ]

 => IMO, it's too heavy to list everything you should and shouldn't do.
 Just give a working example people should follow, if they don't, it
 won't work.

> - If you want to override default values passed to the bonding modules
> without specifying those
>  values in all your interface definitions, use the /etc/network/options
> file.

 That file is deprecated in recent netbase packages.

> [ snip long example of a sample bond device ]
> iface bond0 inet manual
>        slaves eth1 eth2

 Good.  Would be nice to include in the interfaces manual page, or along
 the ifenslave packages.

> auto bond0.50
> iface bond0.50 inet static
> auto bond0.60
> iface bond0.60 inet static

 Completely natural examples, that are specific to using bonding + vlan,
 I'd ship these in the same documentation.

 I'd add to this that currently one needs to "configure" the
 /etc/network/if-pre-up.d/vlan script to accept setting vlans on bonding
 interfaces by changing "eth*.*" in "eth*.*|bond*.*".

 I'm personally using my vlaned-bonding-interfaces in bridges, and use
 the following stanza to bring the interface up:

    auto bond1.40
    iface bond1.40 inet manual
        up ifconfig $IFACE up
        down ifconfig $IFACE down

 My feeling is that the current ifenslave packages "feel" like Debian
 already, but do not offer advanced options, and the vlan packages
 doesn't feel like Debian and tried encoding information in the
 interface name instead of defining it's keywords as other packages do.

 Thanks for your documentation effort, I hope you'll try to fix the vlan
 package to be more usable on top of bonding.
Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>

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