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Re: DFSG compliant packages

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Ghe Rivero wrote:
>     i have a "little" problem with one package. It contains a rfc doc,
> which it's clearly non DFSG compliant. The package is created properly
> and all this, but the problems cames when updating the package, since
> the new orig source contains again the rfc doc and the debian changelog
> change version from
> 0.1.2.dfsg.1-1 to 0.2.1-1. I know i can resolve all this manually, but
> is there any easy way to do it automagically? Thx in advanced,

Create a target in debian/rules - something like get-orig-dfsg: and make it do
whatever you want - fetch, purge non-GFSG content, repack .orig.tar.gz, etc.

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