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Reopening Bug#267042, libptp2 and a lintian warning.


I reopened Bug#267042 and I worked a bit on packaging libptp2 [1].
This is one of my first packages, so I would like to have your opinion,
is it in a decent shape enough to ask to sponsor it?

The original ITP author does not respond anymore so I make the annunce
here that I indend to maintain the libptp2 package.

There is an issue with the package name, lintian says:

W: libptp2: package-name-doesnt-match-sonames libptp2-1

but libptp2 is not intended to be the second version of libptp, it is a
different thing and so I (and the upstream author) think that the
package should be named libptp2 and not libptp2-SONAMEVERSION as the
library policy would suggest. May I override the lintian warning about
this issue?

Here the source package details.

Package: libptp2
Description: a library to communicate with PTP devices (digicams or MP3
players) libptp2 is a library used to communicate with PTP devices like
still imaging cameras or MP3 players (KODAK mc3).
 You can download files or tweak camera properties using ptpcam program
 boundled with libptp2.
 Homepage: http://libptp.sourceforge.net/

orig.tar.gz :



[1] http://libptp.sourceforge.net/

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