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Re: package maintain help

You really have to punctuate your sentences.

Postinst is for doing things after the package is installed.  For
example, you might have to register your package with some larger
package such that it is recognized and available for use.  The prerm
undoes this, by unregistering it.

Many packages don't need maintscripts at all (at least not custom
ones; debhelper will add snippets in the appropriate places to do
common things).  In that case, you can just remove the examples that
dh_make creates for you, and everything will Just Work.

If your package is really just a collection of shellscripts, then I
don't see any reason why you would need custom maintscripts.

If you need examples of what maintscripts do,
/var/lib/dpkg/info/*{inst,rm} are already on your system.

Clear skies,

On Wed, Sep 28, 2005 at 07:14:00PM -0700, mithereal wrote:
> hello i have some (hopefully simple) questions about
> package maintaining that the howto ot tldp didn't
> readily cover. example i dont understend the postinst
> and prerm scripts well i do understand what theyre for
> just i dont understand certain parts for example i
> have a package of shell scripts ive created that i
> want to install into the system so i follow the howto
> and everything is fine till the mentioned scripts my
> question is what do i need to do  in the scripts just
> to install the files into the dir everything ive taken
> from the (dont remember but holds examples of post and
> pre scripts)dir fails the install and i must commont
> out the lines in  in the /var/lib/dpkg/<dirname>/ dir
> i guess a helpful would be to gimme a howto on
> postinst and prerim scripts what to do and whatnot to do.

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