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Re: [RFC] mozilla-biofox - Extension to Mozilla/Firefox browsers

On Sun, Sep 25, 2005 at 09:25:22AM +1000, Ben Finney wrote:
> On 24-Sep-2005, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> > Biofox used to work only on Firefox (as the name says), however
> > upstream author changed and now it works on Mozilla browser too.
> > My doubt here is until when I need to keep generating this binary
> > package, since it's transitional. On the next upload of Biofox I
> > remove it from my control file or I will only remove it on ethc+1?
> > Or only remove it when it reaches testing? Or it's another option
> > that I have not thought?
It is my understanding that you can drop the transitional package
immediately after etch releases.  Users who presently have the old
package installed need to be guaranteed that upgrading will pull in
the new package.  If a package of the old name, or one Providing: the
old package does not exist, then their package will get removed.

The reason you can remove at all (after etch releases) is because
upgrading "across" releases isn't supported.  So someone with the
present package installed must upgrade to etch before they can upgrade
to etch+1, and if your transitional package releases with etch, then
everything is okay, but if it does not, then their upgrade is broken.

testing confuses the issue, slightly, because I guess it would be
possible for someone to run testing before the transitional package is
available there, and never update again until after etch releases, at
which point (if they have _only_ testing in their sources.list) their
upgrade will also break.  I guess this is acceptable, since it is
testing, and also because including "stable" alongside "testing" in
sources.list just makes sense, at least for a little while after a
release (and is probably typical of most people running testing).
And, also, because it doesn't make sense to update testing only once
in multiple years..

Clear skies,

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