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Debian package creation scripts


In order to easily build Debian packages, I wrote a script called mkdeb.  I
use it for projects where I am upstream, to make a package without doing a
release first (this is just for testing, when I build an official package I
use a real release as orig.tar.gz).  It's a fairly simple script, which
creates an orig.tar.gz from the current directory, and calls debuild using it.

I also made a new version of it which renames the package to -dbg and builds
the package with debugging symbols.  This works for the few packages I tested,
but probably not for all, as changing the package name has quite some

Anyway, the question I have about this:  Is something like this useful for
others?  Is it worth putting it in a Debian package, for example?  I find it
very useful, and feel that it is missing from the current helper scripts.  Or
did I just duplicate some effort? :-)

Since the scripts aren't very large, I included the non-debug version as an

Bas Wijnen

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if [ ! -d debian ] ; then
	echo >&2 "No debian directory found.  Aborting."
	exit 1

# first check for cvs conflict files, otherwise you'll be notified by lintian,
# which is very late.
cvs_conflict_files="`find . -name '.#*'`"
if [ "$cvs_conflict_files" ] ; then
	echo >&2 "You still have cvs conflict files in your directory:"
	for i in $cvs_conflict_files ; do echo $i ; done
	exit 1

name="$(basename "$(pwd)")"
debversion="$(head -n 1 debian/changelog | cut -f2 -d\( | cut -f1 -d\) )"
echo name=$name, version=$version

temp="`mktemp -d "$dir/mkdeb.XXXXXX"`"
mkdir "$temp/$name-$version.orig"
tar -czf - . | tar -C "$temp/$name-$version.orig" -xzf -
find "$temp" -name CVS | xargs rm -rf
pushd . >/dev/null
cd "$temp/$name-$version.orig"
fakeroot debian/rules clean
rm -rf "$temp/$name-$version.orig/debian"
tar -C "$temp" -czf "$dir/${name}_$version.orig.tar.gz" "$name-$version.orig"
rm -rf "$temp"

rm -rf "$dir/$name-$version"
mkdir "$dir/$name-$version"
tar -czf - . | tar -C "$dir/$name-$version" -xzf -
find "$dir/$name-$version" -name CVS | xargs rm -rf

cd "$dir/$name-$version"
debuild "$@"

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