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Re: packages size versus files under dpkg control

Hi Wolfgang!

On Don, 15 Sep 2005, W. Borgert wrote:
> > 1) Install all font files (*.pfb) as is
> >
> > 2) Install a compressed definition file and create the pfb files 
> >    at package installation time, then deleting the definition file.
> Welcome back from holidays!  I will pester you with a lot of
> texlive questions/problems/... soon :-)

Oh, thanks. But I am just building a new version. BTW: Are you using
sarge or sid? THe problem now is that according to my mentor all the
packages have to be build on sid. But since there are only a view bin
packages I will make sarge and sid versions. Will see.

> Back to your question: I personally hate files that are not
> under dpkg control, because you cannot check using debsums,
> dpkg -L, dpkg -S, etc.

Grin, me too!

> AFAIK, there are plans to register and unregister files with the
> package management, but currently this is not possible.

Ok, but this for sure will take ages!

> Conclusion: Go for 2 and hope, that someone implements dpkg file

Ok, I count one for option 2. There are several others on debian-tetex
who also have suggested this.

> register/unregister some day.  But do *not* delete the
> definition files, so that one can re-create the font files
> easily without having to do the full re-installation cycly.  If
> I understand you correctly, the definition files are not that
> huge.

Well, half the size, around 30M. So in total 90M. But on a normal system
this should not be a problem, you're right. (And no, I wont add a
debconf question: Do you want to keep the blalba file?)

Best wishes


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