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Re: Moving conffiles

Hi Roger,

> >> In this case, I'd like to move /etc/schroot.conf to
> >> /etc/schroot/schroot.conf.
> >
> > mv? Alternatively cp -a&&rm.
> Yes, but I want to properly comply with policy.  I only want to do the
> copy on upgrade if the conffile is (a) untouched and (b) the original
> exists.  I'm not sure this is sufficient, though, and others must have
> needed to do this in the past.

well, see the debian policy about maintainer scripts, find the place
where you have the upgrade path as described and do as you say. In case
the conffile was edited (which is *VERY* likely in your case), i'd
personally choose a debconf screen (prio=low) asking for automatic
upgrade permission. Yet as this is needed and not really harmful, I'm
not sure what kind of threat arises from the config file being moved
away. At least your postinst script should print out a line telling it
has moved the file.

If you're still uncomfortable with this, you might as well offer a dual
approach with a legacy support for the old location or try to just move
things around, put a symlink to /etc/schroot.conf and use ucf where

Just my 2¢.

Best regards,

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