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Re: How can I modify /etc/inittab?

"Eddy Petrisor" <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> wrote in message 60381eeb05090908202e87f487@mail.gmail.com">news:60381eeb05090908202e87f487@mail.gmail.com...

The application I want to package, qingy, is in fact a replacement for
getty and it needs to modify /etc/inittab.
No qingy is a replacement for mingetty, or for the vt portion of agetty. Qingy does not replace true getty. getty on a debian system is actually agetty, which supports both dumb modem connections and VTs.
Real getty supports ony serial lines (dumb modems).
Quingy and mingetty only work for VTs.
Nevertheless, you can use quingy as a drop-in replacement for debian's getty if you are not using serial terminals.

Just wanted to chime in.

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