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howto deal with upstream authors not responding?

Hi Mentors,

I've packed the crystalclear (cc) icon-theme by everaldo which is the
successor of the crystal svg (crystal) theme we currently have as default
icon theme in KDE3.

It seems that crystal won't be updated anymore by upstream and cc is the
icon theme of choice for updated icons.

These icons really look better than crystal and I use them on all my boxes.

The problem is:

On kde-look[1], everaldo put his icons under LGPL, but he did not put a copy
of this license in his tarball.

But on his homepage[2] he has a more restrict copyright which seems just
because he also sells other icons. Unfortunatly all crystal icon sets he
has created so far are on this page too, which means his strict copyright
note must apply to the crystal icons too, because not stated otherwise.

I've contacted him several times a few weeks ago, but he did not respond to
my questions.

NOTE: As far as I understand, this means that our current default icon set
on KDE3 is unfree as well :(

Any ideas what I can do now?

Does somebody know everaldo or has contact to him? Maybe a kde-qt-devel
reading this?

Kind regards


[1] http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=25668
[2] http://www.everaldo.com/legal.html

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