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RFS: Conky - A lightweight, highly configurable system monitor based on Torsmo

Hi everyone,

My name is Jason, and I am a developer for Conky, which is a low-resource, no-frills system monitor for X, risen from the ashes of the no longer active Torsmo program. We just released our latest and greatest, version 1.3.0 just yesterday (August 31st UTC), and I was charged with the task of building a debian package to accompany the release. Our development is very active... as shown on our sourceforge tracker, we have closed out all reported bugs and fulfilled 7 of 10 feature requests.

The relevant sites:
http://conky.sf.net (brand new css/xhtml, rolled out with 1.3.0... screenshots, changelog, docs, information)
http://www.sf.net/projects/conky (release files downloads, trackers for bugs/feature requests, etc.)

The relevant files for packaging

Our hope for Conky was to continue Torsmo and provide a very simple and uninvading system monitor that would sit on your root window and consume very little resources, compared to gDesklets or gkrellm. Conky is highly customizable in both look and content (see http://conky.sf.net/screenshots.html for some of Conky's many possible faces), but it is almost entirely text-based, besides the bars and gradient graphs. A list of all the different "variables" that conky can display are show at http://conky.sf.net/variables.html , including download/upload speed, disk i/o, ac status, mpd song/progress (if mpd is setup), seti@home progress, and of course, the standard RAM/CPU usage. portions of a file can be read and displayed (i.e. .xsession-errors), and stdout can be captured from the execution of a program and also displayed.

As for the packaging... this is my very first debian package, but I have done alot of reading, asked alot of questions, and was fortunate enough to have a Debian Developer, the kind Pierre Chifflier, review my packaging and point out problems to the best of his ability. I am hoping there are few to zero bugs left, and that someone could sponsor Conky. But I doubt that any packaging is ever right the first time, so let me know and I will fix it ASAP. Please be aware that I am moving into a new apartment within the next few days, and will only have guaranteed internet access during the day at my job, until the internet guy sets up this Saturday.

I know there is already an ITP for this, #320978 http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=320978 . I've emailed Bjarke Bolding, but have not received any response. I've mentioned that this ITP is closed in the debian/changelog (thanks to Pierre).

Thanks for your time,
Jason Tan

P.S. If you are experimenting with Conky for fun and need help, email me or join us on #conky... one of us five devs are usually around to answer most questions.

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