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RFS: episoder


I'm currently looking for a sponsor for episoder (ITP: #322969).

episoder is a tool which parses websites such as tv.com (that's actually the only one it parses right now, but a simple plugin-system would allow for other websites to be parsed) and tells you when new episodes of your favourite shows air. It's intended to be called from your .bashrc in order to keep you informed.

episoder is implemented as a set of bash-scripts, the website parser is written in awk.

I am also the upstream author, the license is GPL.

The (linda/lintian-clean) package can be found at http://stefan.desire.ch/episoder/, the official website is http://episoder.sourceforge.net/

Stefan Ott

"Give a man a fire and he's warm for a day, but set fire to him and he's
warm for the rest of his life."  -- Terry Pratchett, Jingo

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