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Re: RFS: polymer -- KDE style Plastik for QT

Mathias Krause wrote on 13/08/2005 09:48:
> Oh yes, I already read about the ABI transition. But I'm having a
> sarge only system here and a slow internet connection. So I wont have
> SID installed on my system before monday. :/

Well, that explains your control file ;-)

> One other question maybe. Is it possible to build release specific
> packackes out of one source package? I mean, I would like to have
> debian package for sarge too.

After your fix of the duplicate-relation problem lintian reported, your
control file doesn't have any direct dependency on libqt3-mt anymore and
the name of the dev package (libqt3-mt-dev IIRC) didn't change. So
shlibs:Depends should expand correctly on both Sarge and Sid systems. No
problem there anymore.


PS: I'm sorry, but I'm no DD yet, so I can't sponsor your upload.

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