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Re: howto get rid of native-package-with-dash-version?

I believe that this happens when dpkg-buildpackage cannot find an appropriately names original tarball. It then assumes that the package is a native Debian package which should not have a revision number by policy. This is usually dealt with by specifing the source tarball when running dh_make. In this case, you don't have a *.tar.gz source but a *.zip so you will probably just have to take the contents of the original tvbrowser_v1.1Alpha2_cvs.zip file and make a tvbrowser_v1.1Alpha2_cvs.tar.gz out of it or better yet simply name it tvbrowser_1.1+cvs20050622.orig.tar.gz. If you choose the former, then make a symbolic link

tvbrowser_1.1+cvs20050622.orig.tar.gz --> tvbrowser_v1.1Alpha2_cvs.tar.gz

When dpkg-buildpackage runs, it will find the *.orig.tar.gz file and not make it a native package.

There might be better ways but this is what I do.

If it were me, I would also make a script which converts a new *.zip version to the appropriate *.orig.tar.gz to simplify the process when a new upstream source comes out.



On Thu, 4 Aug 2005, Bastian Venthur wrote:

Hi Mentors,

I'm packing my first debian-package from scratch and have nearly eliminated
all lintian- and linda- warnings/errors. All but one and I have absolutely
no idea how to fix it.

When building the package lintian says: native-package-with-dash-version

I've googled around but I'm still not sure what actually the problem is.

Maybe someone can guess the problem, when I try to bring all relavant

(1) I've downloaded a sourcefile named "tvbrowser_v1.1Alpha2_cvs.zip"

(2) After unzipping it, I had a directory named "tvbrowser_v1.1Alpha2" which
is of course not acceptable for dh_make.

(3) So i renamed the dir to "tvbrowser-1.1+cvs20050622"

When i debuild the package, the following files are created:


Can somebody give me a hint which step was wrong or where to fix this

Thanks in advance and kind regards


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