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Re: How to use svn(-buildpackage) with pbuilder?

Op ma, 01-08-2005 te 13:44 +0200, schreef Matthijs Mohlmann:
> > I don't want to have all revisions of the package that ever existed on
> > my filesystem. Is it possible to make svn-buildpackage create the
> > tarballs on build-time?
> > 
> AFAIK it isn't possible.
It is, the orig.tar.gz is created if you do a 
 FORCEEXPORT=yes svn-buildpackage

It is not recommended to use this though because the resulting
orig.tar.gz might be different (md5 checksum) from the upstream version
which can complicate things substantially.

Greetings Arjan Oosting

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