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Re: RFS: fortunes-ru - Russian fortune cookies

Hallo Basil,

* Basil Shubin <bashu@surgut.ru> [2005-06-19 12:01]:
> 	[skip]
> >Ok:
> >Please read the following:
> >http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2004/03/msg02190.html
> >Another ting is that just write down gpl is not a good idea.
> >Please use something like this:
> >You are free to distribute this software under the terms of
> >the GNU General Public License.
> >On Debian systems, the complete text of the GNU General
> >Public License can be found in the file 
> >`/usr/share/common-licenses/GPL'.
> >Why is the packages long description not in english?
> >The encoding is definetly wrong!
> >In my opinion your README.Debian needless.
> >The standards version in control file is too old.
> >There are some other things that are wrong please use linda
> >or lintian for the first checks and the send us updated
> >packages.
> New version!
> http://bashu.narod.ru/debian/pkg/fortunes-ru_1.32-1.diff.gz
> http://bashu.narod.ru/debian/pkg/fortunes-ru_1.32-1.dsc
> http://bashu.narod.ru/debian/pkg/fortunes-ru_1.32.orig.tar.gz

Looks ok for me now!
Would be nice if someone could sponsor it.
Regards Nico
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