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Re: debian/rules: Moving to debhelper or cdbs

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> Don't do it without the maintainer's go-ahead.  The current best
> practice is to use whatever (non-evil thing that) works for the
> maintainer.

This "best practice" fails miserably if the maintainer is not always
perfectly responsive. As soon as the maintainer goes on vacation (or
MIA) and gets a security hole or RC bug in his package, the more
nonstandard their packaging the harder it becomes for someone to fix
the problem in it without introducing other bugs or wasting a lot of
time stumbling over weirdnesses in its packaging.

For example, if I need to do a NMU of a package that uses yada or
debstd, I simply cannot change the behavior of debian/rules since these
are both too weird/inflexible/hard to use to be maintainable. cdbs and
dbs also nearly fall into that category, at least for me. Hand written
rules files do not, but do increase the likelyhood of me making some
silly mistake.

see shy jo

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