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Re: RFS: eaccelerator - PHP script cacher

Good job, i just find this tiny fault:

Now running lintian...
W: eaccelerator: description-synopsis-starts-with-a-capital-letter
Finished running lintian.

El mié, 11-05-2005 a las 00:43 -0400, Roberto C. Sanchez escribió:
> Greetings debian-mentors (and Ola),
> Short story: after a recent upgrade of my server from Woody to Sarge,
> along with going from horde2 to horde3, I noticed that my PHP
> performance sucked :-(   I embarked on a quest to learn about PHP
> performance tuning, and decided (among other things) to install a
> caching program.  There is currently no cahcing program for PHP
> scripts in the Debian archive, so I packaged it up and am seeking a
> sponsor.
> Details:
> Package name: eacclereator
> License: GPL2
> Description: Increases performance of PHP scripts by caching
>  eAccelerator is a free open source PHP accelerator,
>  optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache for PHP.
>  It increases performance of PHP scripts by caching them
>  in compiled state, so that the overhead of compiling is
>  almost completely eliminated. Also it uses some
>  optimizations to speed up execution of PHP scripts.
>  eAccelerator typically reduces server load and increases
>  the speed of your PHP code by 1-10 times.
>  .
>  eAccelerator is a fork of TurckMMCache
>  ( http://sourceforge.net/project/turckmm-cache/  )
>  .
>  For more information see the eAccelerator homepage at
>  http://eaccelerator.net/HomeUk
> You can get the binary and source packages from here:
> deb http://familiasanchez.net/~sanchezr/debian/ sarge main
> deb-src http://familiasanchez.net/~sanchezr/debian/ sarge main
> -Roberto
Carlos Parra Camargo
Emergya, Soluciones Tecnológicas
Tel. +34 954 98 10 53 FAX +34 954 98 11 79
Avda. Luis Montoto, 105
E41007 Sevilla

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