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Re: splat package

Hallo David,

* David Clarke <gadicath@dishevelled.net> [2005-04-30 14:55]:
> On Sat, 30 Apr 2005, Nico Golde wrote:
> > No it is defenetly not a native package. This program isn't
> > debian specific and its originin isn't debian.
> I see, my idea of what made a package native wasn't right.  I'll look
> into setting it up with the orig source, dsc, and others.
> Why is it better to have the debian directory separate to the main
> tarball?  I had a read of the thread a little while ago about the
> developers including a debian directory, and am still unsure why this is
> neccessarily a bad thing if the person producing the debs is the
> developer.

The orig.tar.gz file should only contain the upstream
sources. without modifications. so it is possible to check
the md5 sums to see if the file is by the original author.
every changes you make should be included in the diff.gz
Regards Nico
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