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Re: RFS: YSM ICQ client

Hi Thomas,

Thomas Viehmann wrote:
> Your debian/copyright file is broken. Matthew Palmers excellent FAQ and
> sponsorship checklist has pointers.
Thank you for that FAQ, I've studied it, and fixed a bit my copyright file.
But, i still don't understand, why it was broken!-( I specified CPL
license not because of "a copy of the GPL (or some other license) is 
included in the source tree", but because of the following statement
from homepage of ysm project: "What is ysm ICQ? A Free, open source (GPL license) console"
Original is here: http://ysmv7.sourceforge.net/about.html

What about other points?

Sincerly yours,
Ilya M. Slepnev aka KHEXT

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