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Re: build test

Geert Stappers wrote:

Post in a follow-up message where to find the "AVInfo" work you did.
And see if you get any feedback like

  It compiles fine on $ARCH

The package is on http://users.tkk.fi/~stas/avinfo/
lintian-clean, builds in pbuilder w/o problems.
have been also checked by several people in #debian-mentors
(many thanks!) and corrected with respect to their comments.

If somebody tests it on archs different from i386 or Sparc it
will help me a lot! If somebody decides to sponsor it that will
be even better ;-)

Imagion what information people need to help you.

(they have other things to do,
 then search the archive for your previous posting)

The original post is here
with a small correction which is here
The ITP is here
An example of avinfo-produced report is here


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