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Re: dpatch problem

Am Sonntag, den 24.04.2005, 16:25 +0200 schrieb Frederik Himpe:
> For my own use, I want to add a patch (impulse trigger profile patch) to
> libvorbis. I tried to do this with the dpatch system. When I try to build
> my package, this happens:
> $ dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot
> dpatch --with-cpp apply-all
> applying patch 01_libvorbis-itp to ./ ... ok.
> dpatch --with-cpp call-all -a=pkg-info >patch-stamp
> 01_libvorbis-itp.dpatch: script expects -patch|-unpatch as argument
> make: *** [patch-stamp] Fout 1
> What am I doing wrong?

This happens because of:

> [..]
> case "$1" in
> 	-patch) patch -p1 ${patch_opts} < $0;;
> 	-unpatch) patch -R -p1 ${patch_opts} < $0;;
> 	*)
> 	echo "`basename $0`: script expects -patch|-unpatch as argument" >&2
> 	exit 1;;
> esac
> [..]

in 01_libvorbis-itp.dpatch. Do you really need this? As far as I can
see, you don't. BTW: Better run dpatch-edit-patch to create or modify
patches. If you really need arguments, you can add them later.

A short question: Is there a special reason, why you define the
patch/unpatch/patch-stamp targets? Isn't it easier to add dpatch.make as
an include? See /usr/share/doc/dpatch/README.gz headline '1. How
to ...'.

Regards, Daniel

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