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RFS: vimcdoc - Chinese Translation of Vim Online Help Documents


I'm finding a sponsor to upload vimcdoc (Chinese Translation of Vim
Online Help Documents) package. To avoid the name confusion, I renamed
the binary package name to vimdoc-cn. This document is non-free now, but
upstream authors are considering a free license.

You can get the package from http://chinese.alioth.debian.org/vimcdoc/.
It's clean in lintian and linda check.

Package: vimdoc-cn
Priority: optional
Section: non-free/doc
Architecture: all
Source: vimcdoc
Description: Chinese Translation of Vim Online Help Documents
 Vimdoc-cn is an attempt to translate the wonderful Vim online
 documentation into Chinese, allowing more people to get to know
 and make use of this great tool. After installing vimdoc-cn, you
 will be able to do :help and read documentation in Chinese.


 Best Regards,

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