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Re: Adding a package to the repository

On Saturday 23 April 2005 4:53 am, Marco Túlio Gontijo e Silva wrote:
> Hello, I've created a debian package for a small game I've written some
> time ago.
> It's a simple p2p chess game. I've created it cause me and my friend
> wanted to play chess at the time, but we couldn't find a simple and
> small implementation of chess.

Did you look at gnuchess? That's the chess engine that most GNU chess programs 

> It's written in haskell,

A bit like Scheme then.

"In applications where performance is required at any cost, or when the goal 
is detailed tuning of a low-level algorithm, an imperative language like C 
would probably be a better choice than Haskell, exactly because it provides 
more intimate control over the exact way in which the computation is carried 

Which explains nicely why gnuchess - the engine code - is in C.

Does your program allow users to play against the computer? If it does, it 
really ought to see about tying into gnuchess.


Neil Williams

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