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Re: dealing with FTBFS issues on sparc/mipsel/etc as a non-DD?

Paul Wise wrote:

On Sat, 9 Apr 2005 12:01:22 +0200, Morten Werner Olsen wrote:

Another option if the docs you are building are arch-independent, is
to split the package (nsis and nsis-doc). Then you'll just have to
build the docs on one arch (and it will be available on all).
This will not fix the real problem with halibut segfaulting on some
archs, but will save the buildds some compile time. :)

Hmm, that could be a good idea, will investigate:
$ du --summarize /usr/share/doc/nsis/{,html}
824K    /usr/share/doc/nsis/
554K    /usr/share/doc/nsis/html/

Would it be appropriate to ship the README.<plugin> files in nsis-doc in
addition to the html files?
If you're going to split the docs off at all, you might as well split all the docs off. Leave only the required bits in the arch package (README.Debian, changelogs, etc).

Of course, I'm not sure a meg of documents is really worth bloating the Package list over. This *sounds* like a halibut problem, so you might want to file a bug on it. Also, I have to wonder how often people on sparc/mipsel would have reason to cross-build Windows installers, so I imagine they could probably do without NSIS for the time being.

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