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Re: dealing with FTBFS issues on sparc/mipsel/etc as a non-DD?

On Sat, 2005-04-09 at 01:01 -0700, Blars Blarson wrote:

> Failing to build on an architecture that it has never been built on is
> not release-critical and will not keep your package out of testing.
> You should expect to get non-release-critical bugs about it however.

Ah, good to hear. This wasn't the impression I got from my sponsor, will
have to tell him.

> Generally, you can ask for help on the architecture specific lists
> like debian-sparc.  (Ask for cc if you arn't subscribed.)  In the case
> of sparc, I could help debug it.

Excellent, I suspect fixing sparc would also fix mipsel since they both
fail in the same place (building the docs).

nsis uses halibut to generate its docs, and includes a modified copy of
halibut src in the orig.tar.gz, which is built during the build process
- Docs/src/bin/halibut/makefile - patched by one of the dpatches. The
halibut binary is segfaulting when building the docs - Docs/src/build.sh


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