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Re: debconf and program generated config

Am 2005-04-04 21:41:46, schrieb Justin Pryzby:

> > > > | tddyndns >/dev/null 2>&1

> Okay, as long as it fails if it should fail.  You might only redirect
> stderr or only stdout as necessary, to allow for better diagnostics.
> Or maybe |grep -v 'message you don't want'.
> Or even |grep '.' && false if you want to assert that no output is
> ever generated.

OK, I will change it.

> Okay.  You might also run the program once, and save that as a
> template file in /usr/share/ and simply parse that in postinst.
> But, in some sense, the program tddydyns is the "source" of the config
> file, and so there is some argument for doing what you are doing.

It was done, because some NON-Debian $USER are to stupid to copy
"tddyndns" and "tddyndns.conf" to the right place and/or forgotten
to set optins. So the program will write out a template at the right
place in /etc/tddyndns.conf

> > So, because "config" read first the /etc/tddyndns.conf
> > it use the given values as default ?
> Yes, it seems so.  By "default", here, it means that if the user fails
> to answer the debconf question, that is the value used.

Yes, I know.

> But, the debconf default will be as specified in 'templates'.


Thanks and a nice day

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