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Re: --purge and log/spool files

Hello Matthew,

Am 2005-04-05 09:56:10, schrieb Matthew Palmer:

> Stupidity like that must not go unpunished.  It's worse than leaving your
> pr0n in /tmp and then wondering why it goes bye-bye on the next reboot --


> leaving something in /var/log means you have to become *root* to store it
> there...

Allways the same...
I know many *NIX $USER, which all the time as root.

Why ?  -  Sound does not work as $USER, can't access FDD, can't mount
CD, can not access the internet...

Argh !!!  -  CAN'T USE THERE BRAIN !!!

I do not know, why such $USER exist!
Maybe a M$ sickness?

> > and was deleted when they purged the package.  As such, you might
> > consider something like rm -f /var/log/apache/{access,error}.log*;
> > rmdir /var/log/apache/ instead of rm -fr /var/log/apache/.
> rmdir --ignore-fail-on-non-empty /var/log/apache/
WOW !!!  -  never read the manpage !!!  :-)

> otherwise your maintainer scripts will go blergh every time someone has
> decided to leave their thesis in your log directory.
> But yes, it's not a bad idea to clean up just those files your package is
> likely to have created during it's existence.


> - Matt

Good night

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