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Re: help with lintian output

Roman Stöckl-Schmidt wrote on 02/04/2005 00:37:
Moved from debian-user to debian-mentors because it seems to be the
better place for the issue. Please be so kind and CC me in case of a
reply, because I'm not on it and gmane doesn't have it yet =)

Florian Ernst wrote on 01.04.2005 22:19:
| Hello *,
| On Fri, Apr 01, 2005 at 08:30:57PM +0200, Roman Stöckl-Schmidt wrote:
|>| W: lilypond source: native-package-with-dash-version
> |
| x.y denotes the upstream version, while z is the Debian revision.
| In a native package there is only a single version like a.b, and the
| source only consists of a .tar.gz and a .dsc as the package is natively
| built for Debian.
| Non-native packages consist of upstream's .tar.gz, where the program
| in question is not specific to Debian, Debian's changes in a .diff.gz
| and a .dsc. Changes in the Debian way of packaging will raise the
| Debian revision.

I admittedly still don't understand then why I get this warning because
I built the package from a tarball at lilypond.org which just happens to
have a debian subdirectory with the files for an older package (probably
2.2.6 which is the latest in debian).

It complains because you don't create a non-native source package, with

lilypond_<upstream-version>.orig.tar.gz, lilypond_<upstream-version>-<debian-revision>.dsc and lilypond_<upstream-version>-<debian-revision>.diff.gz)

but a native package with

lilypond_<upstream-version>-<debian-revision>.tar.gz and

instead of the expected (for native packages)

lilypond_<debian-version>.tar.gz and

> So I guess lintian complains about
the filename of the tarball that debuild made which indeed does contain
a dash, but debuild takes that dash from the changelog (I guess) and if
I didn't have a dash in the changelog then it would also not be
policy-conform, or would it?

As lilypond is no native package, no it wouldn't be conforming to policy.


copy/link your lilypond-<upstream-version>.tar.gz to lilypond_<upstream-version>.orig.tar.gz and debuild will create a non-native package for you automatically instead of the native one. And all of a sudden, lintian won't complain anymore.

The line in the changelog is
| lilypond (2.4.5-1) unstable; urgency=low
and I did this with dch in compliance to the older (some also NMU) entries.


|>| W: lilypond source: changelog-should-mention-nmu
|>How exactly am I supposed to indicate that it's a Non-maintainer upload?

Good question. I never did a NMU.

| I didn't look up how exactly lintian checks for this, but this is
| probably related to the following.

It is.

|>| W: lilypond source: source-nmu-has-incorrect-version-number 2.4.5-1
|>What does this warning actually refer to? The upstream version is 2.4.5
|>so 2.4.5-1 for debian should be okay, shouldn't it.

According to policy, NMUs should have a version number like
2.4.5-0.1 (if there is no 2.4.5-1 debian package yet) or
2.4.5-X.1 (if there is a 2.4.5-X debian package already). The <upstream>-X version numbers are reserved for maintainer uploads while <upstream>-X.Y numbers indicate NMUs.

Okay so in my case I should name it 2.4.5-1.1, got it.

Right. In most cases ;-)


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