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Re: public domain

On Wednesday 30 March 2005 09.26, Carlos Parra wrote:
> Hello,
>   I'd like to package a program that's licensed under "public domain".
> I've been talking with the autor and says that he likes also BSD-style
> license...
>   The change of license is necesary to get into the main archive, isnt
> it?

IANAL, and this is probably -legal fodder anyway.

IIRC the problem with 'public domain' is that in some parts of the world 
(most of europe certainly, perhaps others) there is no such concept.  So I 
don't know what legal status a work that is 'put in the public domain' 
would have.

So an explicit license statement, describing what the author really means, 
is certainly better than just to say 'it's PD'.

This can, of course, be the BSD license, but can also be a simple 'do 
whatever you like' license which is closer to PD.

-- vbi

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