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Re: Complex Depends

Nicolas Boullis wrote:

Wow... It would really be nice to enhance the syntax for dependencies...
An idea I have been harboring for quite some time, and which bears some (though not very much) relevance to this thread, is a reverse dependency. The idea is this:
Package "wine" has wine.
Package "kde" has kde.
Package "wine-kde" has the wine integration into kde. This package reverse depends on "kde" and "wine", which means that if both "kde" and "Wine" are installed, then "wine-kde" is automatically installed too. The idea is that it is installing kde and wine that triggers the installation of "wine-kde".

To understand why this is useful, consider webmin. If we could make webmin-samba reverse depend on samba and webmin, no one would ever have to figure out whether there are any more useful webmin modules they can install for their system. It would all be automatically done by aptitude. Merely installing samba on a system where webmin is installed will bring webmin-samba in as well, without making samba depend on webmin or vice versa.

Obviously you can have reverse suggests and reverse recommends as well.


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