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Re: Complex Depends

On Mon, 2005-03-28 at 09:37 -0700, David Everly wrote:
> Hello Debian Mentors,
> How do I construct a "Depends" line in debian/control for the following
> example:
>    Require package-a or package-b.
>    If package-a is selected, require package-1 and package-2.
>    If package-b is selected, require package-3.
> Notes:
>    package-a, package-b, package-1, package-2, and package-3 are
>    not under my control.
>    package-1, package-2, and package-3 do not depend on package-a or
>    package-b.
> What I think I want to do is probably not supported (or is it?):
>    Depends: (package-a,package-1,package-2) | (package-b,package-3)

My quick thought would be:

Build different binary packages, i.e. foo-package-a depends on package-1
and package-2 and foo-package-b depends on package-3, where foo is,
probably, the common name for your packages. That's all.

I hope this could reach what you were expecting.

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