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debhelper and debian/config

Dear mentors,
  I'm writing a debhelper script for zope packaging and I need to
add very similar config script to the packages created with it.
Actually, I'm using a common package (zope-common) with common
templates which I'm using db_register and db_subst, and a debhelper
package (dh-zope) which provides dh_installzopeinstance and some

  Everything works well, but I can't have debian/config.debhelper
handled neither by dh_installdeb or dh_installdebconf. The former
only handles {pre,post}{inst,rm}.debhelper and the latter just 
copy debian/config into $tmp/DEBIAN/config.

Why #DEBHELPER# substitution isn't implemented for config file?
How can I handle this?

Thanks for your answers,

Fabio Tranchitella

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