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Re: RFS: mkat - Burn, catalog, search data, audio CDs or directories with tagging support

On Wednesday 23 March 2005 08:11, Dmitry Maksyoma wrote:
> > Where can I find the .diff.gz and the .dsc file?
> The .dsc can be found at http://monster.amur.ru/~ledestin/mkat/debian/
> with the rebuilt .deb, but there is no .diff.gz, because I get sources
> directly from cvs. In detail, the procedure is to get files from cvs, do
> .tar.gz including cvs sources, so that the package can be build by
> others. No modifications are made to the original sources. If it is a
> requirement, I will modify the procedure to use a tarball as a source.

Better do have a diff.gz file, even if the debian/ directory came from the 
upsteam cvs (I would go that way). Only debian-specific progs (such as apt, 
dpkg & friends) may be native debian packages, e.g. with no diff.gz 
separately provided.

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