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I am searching for a sponsor for the Libgpiv, Gpivtools and Gpiv
packages I have developed and would like to see
included in Debian. The home pages of the software can be found at:
The packages can be obtained from 

The software provides the analyzing of images for Particle Image
Velocimetry (PIV). Software for this (research and production)
technology is not included in any Linux distro, yet. The features,
quality and performances of Gpiv s.s. are very
competitive compared to other existing, Open Source, free-ware and
commercial software for PIV. The popularity of this technique is still
increasing but, for starters, the initial costs are high because of hard
and software to be needed. Experienced users are often searching for
alternatives of their commercial program after some time as it becomes
obsolete for the analysing of the images.

Thanks, Gerber van der Graaf

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