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Re: Regarding /usr/local with private packages

> On 2005-03-08 Pierre Habouzit wrote:
> > Le Mardi 8 Mars 2005 12:25, Christian Hammers a écrit :
> > > Is this behaviour unavoidable?
> >
> > well you can manually 'fix' with some pre/postrm magic.
> Any hints for an elegant solution? Sometimes /usr/local is a symlink,
> sometimes /usr/local/maint...

then it's trickier. but you may do sth like that :

in the postinst, list all the possible dirnames of the files owned by 
your package. then find out wich ones are symlinks, and then, in the 
postrm, you redo all the symlinks you broke (with the list/tarbal/save 
you made in the preinst)
 -> I guess this is possible with the appropriate find command, and 
maybe some sed magic

btw, if your users change the symlinks behind you backs, then consider 
the option in the end of my mail ...

> > btw, I don't see the point in packaing in /usr/local .. even for
> > private packages .
> Legacy tools that are referenced from various programs so that I
> can't put them under /usr/bin easily...

well, then you can symlink them from /usr/local, in the postinst, and 
not forget to remove the symlinks you created in the prerm.
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