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RFS: setserial - Controls configuration of serial ports


I would like to takeover the maintanence of setserial
package since it's current maintainer if looking for
a replacement.


However I'm not a DD so I would need a sponsor.
Would there be anyone willing to help me?


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On Sun, Mar 06, 2005 at 06:50:11PM +0200, Jan Zizka wrote:
> Hi Ola,
> I have seen that you are looking for someone to take over
> the setserial Debian package. I'm Debian user for years
> and I would like to give something back. I use serial
> ports rather often, thow I don't have any special HW.
> I did not maintain any Debian package before, but as
> I checked this one is not very complex so it could be
> nice to start with it.

This sounds really nice. Please go ahead.

Some things though.

Are you a debian developer?
Or can you get someone else to sponsor you?


// Ola

> Cheers
>          Ziza

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