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Re: dealing with non-standard upstream packaging?


> I was wondering if there is any info about best practice in the
> situation where upstream source packaging doesn't use the standard
> foo-0.1.2/ inside of foo-0.1.2.tar.gz scheme?
Talk to the upstream packager and kindly ask about changing it.

> I suppose repacking the tarball/etc before using dh_make is enough, but
> is there a standard way to make this a bit more automated for new
> upstream releases?
Assuming that upstream has the stuff in some directory, I don't think that
this is necessary nor that you should do that, as meddeling with orig.tart.gz
is generally frowned upon. The dpkg tools (dpkg-source, dpkg-buildpackage,
uupdate) are pretty smart about that. Not sure about dh_make, but that should
easily be worked around.
For new upstream releases, use uupdate and you'll never notice upstreams
directory notation.

> Another, question: why do some orig.tar.gz files contain a tarball that
> looks to be the upstream source, instead of being a copy of the upstream
> source? gaim for example.
Different philosophy of packaging. This is especially useful if the upstream
source consists of several parts.

Kind regards


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