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Re: RFS: WMAnsiEd - An ANSI/ASCII editor

Hi Mentors

Sorry if I am creating confusion with my package.

I saw aewan. Nice program. But it is text mode. On wmansied you can make a circle, for example, like on paint programs. You can click and a circle is done! The size you want, the color you want.
Using a text mode editor, how do we do this? We have to stay moving all time, using cursor keys, right? And we must be good at drawing, since _we_ are going to make the circle (on wmansied the program makes the circle for us). It can also make squares, etc.

Well, I would be very grateful if someone takes a look at my package (http://biolinux.df.ibilce.unesp.br/naoliv/wmansied/). You may not want to be the sponsor for this package, but please, could you say where the errors on my package are?

Sincerely, both programs have their advantages and both have their weakness.

Thank you for your attention.

Nelson A. de Oliveira
Acabe com aquelas janelinhas que pulam na sua tela.
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