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Re: Question to dh_installdocs

Hmm.  My first attempt to post this was eaten somewhere along the line.
Let's try again...

>>>>> "Michelle" == Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> writes:

Michelle> Am 2005-03-03 21:13:16, schrieb Justin Pryzby:
>> Is dh_installdocs being called by the "binary" rule?
>> Rereading your original message, it is not clear if that particular
>> invocation of debian/rules is with fake root privlidges.
>> Empirically, "binary" and "clean" have fakeroot, and "build" does
>> not.

Michelle> Where is it written ? I was reading all maintainer/developer
Michelle> manuals/references...

Well, he said "empirically"...

Michelle>   __( '/home/michelle.konzack/src/stuffit-520/debian/rules'
Michelle>  / | #!/usr/bin/make -f | # | # Rules for making


Michelle> | build: directories decompress install

build is supposed to just compile.  It doesn't install.

>From the Policy Manual, section 4.8:
  "The build target must not do anything that might require root


Michelle> | binary:

Again, from Policy section 4.8:
  "The binary target must be all that is necessary for the user to build
  the binary package(s) produced from this source package."

Hence binary should depend on build, install, etc.

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