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Re: Question about the executable filename

On Thursday 03 March 2005 02.33, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:
> Hi mentors!
> If one program has it's binary name like this "WMAnsiEd", with capital
> letters. Do I have to install it to /usr/bin/WMAnsiEd or
> /usr/bin/wmansied ?
> And about the manual page? WMAnsiEd.1 or wmansied.1?

I think the general advice is: keep your modifications from the 'standard' 
installation as small as possible.  Think about users who know your 
application but don't know Debian - they'll try to call the thing as 
WMAnsiEd, and will probably complain that it's not installed if they can't 
find it.  (Or, even worse, it may be called from scripts etc., so people 
wouldn't even see why their stuff doesn't work on a Debian system even when 
all necessary software is installed.)

-- vbi

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