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Re: Best way to package skippy [was: Re: [RFS][ITP] Skippy, gcursor, glurp. ]

Em Seg, 2005-02-28 às 09:25 +0000, Steve Kemp escreveu:
>   It is currently setup such that the user must run it manually, and
>  there is no attempt made to install it on a system-wide, or per-user
>  basis.
>   I think this is the correct approach to take for a first stab at
>  the package and probably for the general case too.

Yes, I think so.

>   Perhaps:
> 	skippy
> 	skippy-gnome
> 	skippy-icewm
> 	skippy-kde

I don't like this idea. As you said yourself it's completely overkill.

>   Do you have some specific suggestion on how it should be handled?  I'm
>  guessing you do given the d-desktop mailing list inclusion .. ;)

What do you people think of modifying the window managers to look for
skippy and start it when initing? For example, we could patch metacity
to have an option on its capplet that allows you to enable skippy-like
functionality if skippy is available.

See ya!

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