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added files that prevent from packaging


For a source package I'm preparing (first step of a RFP for another), I
have a problem with the -doc binary package.

Due to a bug in the upstream tarball preparation, a couple of files are
missing and prevent the PS manual from being compiled, and as a
consequence, the PDF and HTML versions. The first one is a dot file to
compile with graphviz' dot utility and the second one is a Dia model.

I decided to ship those files in my debian/ directory and copy them
before compiling the documentation. Maybe I should have used some patch
framework but it seems overkill to me for copying two files.

I'm glad with the dot one because graphviz is now free but my problem is
with the Dia one. In a fakeroot environment as debuild launches, Dia
insists on creating a user preferences file (some ~/.dia), but cannot
due to the lack of a real user environment.

So I have two questions:

Do you know some trick for preventing Dia or some other application to
create user preferences at first launch? Fake homedir in some temporary
directory, even /dev/null?

In the worst case, am I allowed to ship the already compiled EPS format?
As for me, it's still copying a file. But in that logic, why not
providing the compiled dot file in EPS format too...

Thank you in advance for your opinion and help.

Hervé Cauwelier

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