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Re: [Fwd: Bug#296258: freemind: Integration into GNOME/KDE]

Eric Lavarde wrote:

> I got the below bug report, and I'm a bit hesitating: on one side I
> understand the wish from the requester, and it would be a useful
> extension of the package; on the other hand, I already use
> update-menus and update-mime to manipulate exactly the same kind of
> information.  Moreover the two utilities are integrated into the
> debian package system through dh_installmenu and dh_installmime.

The freedesktop.org menu/MIME system is integrated through dh_desktop.

> Wouldn't it be a more generic solution if these utilities would
> actually take care of these "details"?

Yes, it would be good if the Debian system and the freedesktop.org
system were unified in some way, so that we don't have these two
semi-redundant menu/MIME systems.  Hopefully this will happen
evenutally.  For now, I think the best option for desktop applications
is to register with both systems.

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