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RFS: kxstitch

Hello mentors,

I packaged kxstitch, a cross-stitch pattern creator and editor for KDE
and I am looking for a sponsor. It is licensed under GPL-2.

Name: kxstitch
License: GPL-2
Short Desc: Cross-stitch pattern creator and editor for KDE
Long Desc:  This program allows the user to create and edit cross-stitch patterns. It
 allows the use of existing patterns, like those made by PC Stitch 5.
 It uses various floss palletes (DMC, Anchor, Madeira). User can create custom
 palletes and colors. Uses standard stitches. Free use of backstitching.
 Imports from various picture formats. Prints patterns and floss keys.
 Homepage: http://kxstitch.sourceforge.net

The debianized package is available here:

I packaged this program for Debian so my wife has even less reason to
reboot into the other OS. :) I've emailed the author and he'd be happy
for me to package it for Debian. So here it is.

The package lacks a man page at the moment, and that's on my todo

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