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Re: RFS: irssistats

On Mon, Feb 07, 2005 at 02:22:16AM +0100, Antoine Jacquet wrote:
> Hello again,


> I am also looking for a sponsor for the following package :
> Package: irssistats
> Licence: GPL
> Description: This tool generates HTML IRC stats based on irssi logs

Try to avoid starting description with capital letter. Also "this" is
unneeded there. Maybe something like:

 Description: tool generating statistics based on irssi logs

But I'm not native English speaker so this could be wrong ;)

> ~ irssistats is a tool that make HTML stats from irssi logfiles.
> ~ The statistics generated display many useful and funny informations
> ~ about the channel.


> Thank you for your help and best regards,

I took a look at the package and first obvious mistake is to make it as
native package. You should prepare .orig.tar.gz file and .diff.gz with your
debian/ subdirectory. Otherwise every simple change in packaging scripts
will lead to new upload of sources. 

Also you didn't fill ITP (intend to package) bugreport.
Then please close it with changelog entry.

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