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Re: Package source doesn't have a tarball

Ar 06/02/2005 am 18:48, ysgrifennodd Kanru Chen:
> Hi,
> I want to build a font package, this font can be download from
> http://www.study-area.org/apt/firefly-font/fireflysung.ttf.gz
> but it does not have a tarball.
> What should I put in the .orig.gz file?

Looking at http://www.study-area.org/apt/firefly-font/, I see the files
AUTHORS, COPYRIGHT, and ChangeLog, which would all be appropriate for
putting in the .orig.tar.gz along with the .ttf file. The .ttf file
should not be gzip-compressed in the tarball, as this is redundant.

However, the ideal situation is that you convince the upstream
maintainer to create tarballs of their releases. It's desirable that
packages are build from pristine .orig.tar.gz from upstream, and it will
make your job easier, and will potentially benefit other users of the


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