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Re: maserver: Dynamic libraries inside a program package

> It's true that you usually should not have shared
> libraries in an
> application package, but that is not the meaning of
> this error.  This error
> means that the file that you have placed in /usr/lib
> is *not a shared
> library*.  If the file does not declare an SONAME,
> it's not a shared library
> and should not be placed in /usr/lib.
> But for that matter, if /usr/bin/maserver is the
> only thing that will ever
> use this library, it shouldn't be a shared library
> or plugin at all: it
> should be statically linked into your binary.

I've compiled it statically, with the following
results in the size of the plugins:

Files with dynamic linking:

 73312 decode.so
 20688 fileformats.so
 41916 fileinput.so
147328 httpd.so
 56944 httpoutput.so
 44524 intpllist.so
 19476 mp3fileformat.so
  9280 mp3media.so
 19316 mp3packetizer.so
 14868 mp3rtpparser.so
 14824 mp3rtpproducer.so
 40308 rtpinput.so
 46160 rtpoutput.so
 45784 rtp.so

Files with static linking:

371632 decode.so
317476 fileformats.so
336320 fileinput.so
422144 httpd.so
348688 httpoutput.so
344640 intpllist.so
315336 mp3fileformat.so
 16956 mp3media.so
315288 mp3packetizer.so
311664 mp3rtpparser.so
312700 mp3rtpproducer.so
356288 rtpinput.so
354708 rtpoutput.so
340896 rtp.so

The difference of size in the executable is 12.1 Kb vs
276.5 Kb, but i think that's not very relevant. It
seems that dynamic linking would be a good idea in
this case even when the library is not used for
anything else. Ideas?


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