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Re: [RFS][ITP] Skippy, gcursor, glurp.

On Wed, Jan 26, 2005 at 10:14:32AM +0100, Niv Altivanik wrote:

> Hi, I have previously posted on this mailing list to ask for someone
> to get interested in my packages, without any response, hope I'll get
> more chance this time.

  I'm surpised, I thought I remembered a response.

> they are all linda and lintian free, and have been dependency-tested
> in a pbuilder chroot, 

  A good start :)

> All packages are digitally signed with my key that is published on
> commons keyservers.

  Not good enough if you wish to become a Debian Developer yourself,
 but if you will commit to looking after the packages and can live with
 having to make sponsored uploads only it shouldn't be a problem.

> so let's present the software:
> [1]Skippy  is a full-screen task/window switcher a la Apple Expos??, this
>            package closes bug #259096 [2].
>            I didn't fill an ITP on skippy as the upstream author does
>            not respond to my mails, so i don't judge this package as
>            any complete as i can't even have his real name.

  It's unfortunate that the upstream author isn't responsive, as this
 can be very useful when making packages, and handling bug reports

  I'm a bit disappointed that the package is split into two version,
 it would be nice if there could be a way of only having one which
 would detect which kind of X11 windowing system you were running
 and load the correct code.

  Still it's a pretty application, pretty unique as far as I can
 see and very cute.

  I will sponsor it, give me a few days to look over it properly
 and if there are problems I'll mail you privately.

> [3]Glurp   is a gtk2.4+ client for the MPD music player daemon.
>            I didn't fill an ITP on Glurp because there already is a
>            maintainer for MPD related and i feel he should just take
>            my package as a work relief.

  Have you mailed the maintainer to inform him/her?

# The Debian Security Audit Project.

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